At the beginning of every tenancy you should be given the following by the landlord or agent:

  • A copy of the following information sheet
  • A copy of your lease agreement, signed by both yourself and the agent/landlord
  • A copy of the condition report
  • A bond lodgement form for you to sign (may be completed at appointment)
  • The keys to your new home

The first thing you should do before you sign the lease agreement is read it thoroughly. If there is anything in it which you dont understand, ask questions. Remember, you are committing to a legally binding contract for which there is no cooling off period. You will want to be certain you understand and agree to what you are signing.

We have linked the "New Tenant Checklist", provided by NSW Department of Fair Trading for your convinince:

New Tenant Checklist

Tenant Information Booklet

Click below to download our tenant information booklet

Download Tenant Information Booklet