Welcome to Cooper & Cooper Property Management

Cooper and Cooper Property Management is the first choice for over 570 discerning residential property investors.

Cooper and Cooper Property Management was formerly Dougmal Real Estate Wollongong, a company that has been associated with the Cooper family for over 40 years.

Susan and Natalie Cooper carry on a proud tradition of delivering honest, efficient and professional service in the management of your most important asset, all with a female touch of empathy and understanding.

Together with their hard working, highly qualified office manager, Kylie McKenna, and team of property managers and officers nothing is left to chance in taking proper care of your investment home or unit.

Careful screening and selection of appropriate tenants for your property, meticulous and detailed attention to the paperwork involved, selection of suitable, qualified tradespersons and authorization of necessary repairs is directly supervised by Natalie Cooper.

All account-keeping, including the scrutiny and payment of accounts and the critical “on time” End of Month distribution of rent monies, is directly handled by Susan Cooper.

The benefit to our property owners is that all of the numerous “hands on” day-to-day tasks in the efficient management of their properties is directly undertaken or supervised by the owners of this business- Susan and Natalie Cooper.

It is generally accepted that in the majority of cases women make the best home managers , so if you are looking for leadership and action in the competent management of your investment home or unit, contact Susan or Natalie on 42298233, or call into our high profile office location at 121 Keira Street, Wollongong