Kristy Williams

About me

With her meticulous attention to detail and approachable demeanour, our inspection manager Kristy is fast winning over the trust and respect of our tenants and landlords.

With 7 years property management experience in the Sydney area, Kristy’s industry knowledge and thorough inspections ensure property owners are given the best possible picture on the current state and condition of their investment further ensuring that they have made the right selection in Cooper & Cooper as their management agent.

Kristy takes it upon herself to issue residents with warnings and reinspection notices should the property not being kept up to her high standards. Kristy will also report back any concerns she has regarding the tenants, complex , neighbours or area.

Due to her extreme attention to detail Kristy has also been entrusted with many of our ingoing inspections ensuring the best possible snap shot of your property prior to leasing.

Her approachable nature also allows Kristy to get detailed information on potential tenants whilst conducting open homes & private appoints on vacant properties.

We are very pleased to have Kristy as part of our team and she has fat become an irreplaceable part of the Cooper & Cooper family.