Harrison Trad

About me

Having just completed his high school certificate, Harrison has chosen to embark in a career in real estate with his families owned company Cooper and Cooper real Estate.

Harrison is keen to learn all aspects of his chosen vacation including both property management and sales. During his latter high school years Harrison would often accompany his grandfather, David Cooper, on open house sales days which has given him invaluable experience in the real estate industry; in which he hopes to excel.

It is through Harrisons keen appreciation of our ever changing industry that Cooper & Cooper Property management have opened our doors to the sales industry in order to service both our landlord clients and local property owners.

Harrisons strong sense of social media, technology and public perception is proving to be invaluable for the business. His confident demeanour and willingness to learn and adapt as the industry, market and clients demand is indispensable.

Harrison has created strong bonds with his team, through assisting them with all aspects of property management and is intently listening and learning all they have to teach in our “trade”.

We see great things coming from this young man and what has to bring to the industry.